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"The man you become tomorrow is decided by how you act today."

Our Mission

All men have a conscious or subconscious desire to be able to protect themselves and their families. However, not all men have had the opportunity to learn how.

The Men’s Training and Survival Academy is a MEN’S ONLY training facility where men can be men with the common goal of creating a culture of resilience and responsibility.


We have all become too comfortable in our routines, to our detriment. This is not just about an attack of some kind, but natural/man-made disasters, and accidents. What tools would you need? How do you plan and prepare in advance for the most likely scenario? Can you think through the problem under stress?

Knowing how to fight and use a weapon are essential skills, however, it as important if not more, to have a well thought-out and effective overall safety strategy for yourself and your families. We teach resilience, the ability to bounce back under pressure and a different way of thinking, self-awareness leads to situational awareness and a lack of understanding can be catastrophic.

Our courses teach basic through advanced self-defense and survival skills necessary to navigate the world that we live in. Not just firearms, but every aspect of personal and family safety and survival. We cover tools and techniques, mindset, the law, fighting, personal and family safety planning, travel planning, land navigation, emergency medical care, communications, and much more.

We believe that the way that you train is more important than what you are training. If you are not practicing for real-world events and street level violence, you are preparing for a sport or competition. “The difference between competition and combat is rules… If there are rules, it’s a sport. In a fight, if you are not cheating, you are not trying hard enough to win.” – Dave Spauling.


Ability to take care of your family, yourself, and to be able to handle mental, legal, and physical stress of any high-pressure situation greatly increase your odds of success.


Men’s Training and Survival Academy, LLC



"To be a good man you have to be a dangerous man." 

Dr. Jordan Petersen


North Western Montana


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